An organized pantry

3 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

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One night I was making burritos for dinner. I went to grab refried beans from the pantry and could not find any. Later, while cleaning out the pantry, I found some. If the pantry had been organized first of all I want to be able to find the baked beans and save my husband a trip to the neighborhood store, saved money as refried beans in the neighborhood have in stock, not cheap, and much frustration. Another problem with an overloaded unorganized pantry is waste. I found spilled flour, noodles, Jello and cornmeal packages. So too, in an effort to improve myself and knowing what I had in the past did not work, I have done some thinking about how I could create a better system. Here is what I came up with: Assign a home for each ItemAssign a home to any other type of element. For example, a shelf for cereals, another for food, another for spices and other prepared dishes such as boxed macaroni and cheese. If you have, you can disconnect a shelf for two different foods. Be sure to keep a multiple of food together for you at a glance how much of something you safe from Dead Space make sure your shelves Rid have.Get not see too much "dead space". Dead space is unused space in general about what you save is displayed. For example, if I canned my putting away on the canning rack,

I noticed I could not stack two regular size (about 15 ounces) cans of each other, but there were plenty of empty space above the cans (dead space). So I adjusted the shelf a few inches, so now I have stacks of room for two normal size cans and there is less dead space. This made a huge difference - I could now get all the canned goods on the shelf, instead of noodles in the entire container pantry.Creative find canisters or other holders of scattered, flour, sugar, rice, popcorn or other foods that come in plastic or paper bags . I used to store the opened bag of rice (or other plastic or paper wrapped food) directly into the opened bag (closed with a twist-tie), which always lead to leakage.

Now I use canisters to keep empty coffee cans, jars and other containers, these elements for any disorder. If you are using right glasses (which you find at thrift stores), you can save with pasta, rice, peas or other attractive food in them and save the counter to display on your pantry space. Finally, larger objects placed in the back. This makes finding things easier.The effort you can organize your pantry off very rewarding. It saves you time, trouble and money. It is so nice to be able to open the door and everything is organized (or just be able to see everything without a can on your head or toes falling).

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