Add a touch of the Wild West of Kitchen Spaces

1 Şubat 2011 Salı

Add a touch of the Wild West of Kitchen Spaces

Whether you live on a ranch or in the middle of the city, offers Western-style set up lots of color and charm. When you are ready, a change in your kitchen and dining area are making and add some spice, this is the perfect way to achieve your new look. This article gives tips and ideas for transforming your kitchen into a Western-themed Ponderosa, where the whole family, as well as your guests relax in the warm, is inviting ambiance.Western decor is colorful, often including rich, warm colors such as brown , red and blue. A western flair offering guest rooms, packed colorful, funny and full of visual appeal.Use wood and iron, adding that home-on-the-range look for your kitchen requires a lot of wood and iron. Wrought iron accents are perfect for this kind of decoration, such as copper. Your kitchen table can be crowned from a rough-hewn natural wood, or even an old wagon wheel with glass. Consider hanging a wrought iron pot rack or a baking rack worn wood and tin punched built. bring Top your table with a runner of a Western-themed market fabric.Add interest made on countertops tops with colorful touches to cookie jars, canisters and other trinkets in a western theme decorated counter.

Dish cloths and dish towels are decorated with a western design. Wrought iron chandeliers are large, such as terra cotta colored pots filled with herbs and other greenery.You You may want to become a central topic of how to look at cowboy boots, cowboy hats or horses. You can find plants that are designed in the shape of a cowboy boot, and make great horseshoe napkin holder. Hang horseshoes and other iron accents on the walls - the more the better! Blending with the iron copper accessories make for a unique look.Add color on the walls when it comes to your walls, think rustic colors. You can paint a single wall paint, or all of them. Terra cotta paint is for western decor, like an amber brown. You may even want to run a highly colorful wallpaper border around the top of the walls more pizzazz.For the windows with fabrics to add the solid color or patterned in a western theme, or use wooden shutters. The trick is, your own creative ideas to work! Focus on either everything that is

Western, or limit your choices of decor to a specific topic such as cowboy boots. Their task is to look like your kitchen and dining area as if they came straight out of the west.There are no rules, so much fun! Here you will find many accents and accessories, worn by wood and wrought iron at flea markets and garage sales. consider wood ceiling beams add to the appeal further. Here you will find many more ideas by browsing through magazines, or even the Internet. Remember to fill the space with much richer color for a look that is anything but bland.

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