There's My New Kitchen

4 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Today is my first day in the cafe kitchen Aubry! I eat breakfast, get dressed and left for my new bike to work. I pedal slowly until retaurant. I locked the bike and I introduce myself. Here, I have a nice surprise: no pants included! I'm short so I do a round trip from Patrice and Klarka for me to take one. I thought that each restaurant providing work clothes, well no! Once fully dressed, I discovered my new work environment: the station salad, nachos and chicken wings. This Asian lady who is my lead for the day. She shows me all the important things to do before starting your day: fill bottles of sauces, grated cheese have enough ... But occasionally, I do not understand what she said, she has a funny accent! I learn to roll with the Caesar salad and chicken salad and Thai also nachos. The hour of noon approaches and the orders arrive at idle! The advantage was time to show me how to make a plate. We had only a few dozen covered for two reasons: we are Tuesday and customers have paid their rent. Then I fill small pots with sour cream and watch how to make a bison burger. A little later, I take my lunch: a chicken wrap and Caesar salad. My work ends with Nicolas. He is in charge of preparing trays for cruise ships. He then tells me to make a fruit platter with honey melon, watermelon, strawberries, grapes and a pineapple. (The pineapple here is a support for planting strawberries). I surround my plate with plastic wrap and finished! I'm coming home by bike in a ground lead. I take a shower but the feeling of suffocation is still there unfortunately! I discuss the Internet with my boyfriend for our future. Klarka home from work. I do a little reading a cookbook. Klarka prepares to eat while I sufe again on the Net. Having too hot, I go into the basement where Klarka joined me with his dinner bowl. We discuss our respective childhoods. It starts its search requirements of lenses and as Amoi, I debilitating watching TV but I am at least cool. I'm getting hungry so I crossed back and Patrice, who just returned after a drink with a friend. I have dinner and then I go into the basement to cool join my guests watching the tennis. At 10, I go to bed but because of the heat, I find sleep an hour later.

I wake up at the same time and get ready for my second day at the restaurant. I take everything I need in a backpack and I cycle to work. I install all my ingredients in my line (of containers made of steel) and learn to use the electric grater and slicer much safer than that of Halifax! I prepare in advance, with the Asian person, the club revisited (long rectangular bread, onions, salad, chicken, melted Gouda and bacon), burgers (bread, sauce, onions, lettuce and salad) and chicken wraps. When the gun sounded, I am now able to do all my salads but I am still struggling with the nachos. But what are the nachos? These are corn chips with tomato sauce, green onions, tomatoes and green peppers strong. There may be extra olives and chicken. All this put it in the oven for two to three minutes. My main problem was to put too much tomato sauce that made the chips limp. Then I have lunch a Caesar salad with chicken and cleans my entire party before returning home. I take my shower and I connect to the Internet. I discuss with my boyfriend and go down to the basement to rest thereafter. After half an hour, and Patrice Klarka home from work but do not know I'm there! They fight hard enough. As for me, I go quietly into the garden so as not to hear. Klarka share with a friend for dinner and Patrice stay home. I then found in the kitchen for a drink of water. It was next to go in search of fish and I find myself alone in the house. On his return, I dined with him and discuss their marriage and what I want to visit this weekend! Thus, it m'emène locate places for the farm museum currently experimental and Agriculture Canada. The path is really simple, I just have to follow the bike path that crosses the Champlain bridge and straight I am. Back at home, I'm going a bit debilitating and I record carrier 3 before going to bed.

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