Glass Gol Cucine Velvet

31 Ağustos 2010 Salı

Contemporary kitchen aluminum / Glass Gol Cucine Velvet

Being together in a kitchen Velvet. A mixture of sensations, known and unknown, the substance and form of a dialogue between space and color, between the emotion to reach new areas and the rationality of living in an eclectic place. Velvet is a kitchen, high-impact technical
where design and aesthetic aims, in principle, to ergonomics so that the essential elements of the kitchen meet the spontaneous gestures of those who work there. With the charm of glass, elegant oak alternated in lacquered wood finishes and a unique lightness of form, Velvet has chosen to combine the criteria of a great kitchen feature a dimension of living modern. And the daily routine is transformed into a refined exercise that never ceases to charm.

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